The ELSA Platform: A framework for sharing experiences, coordinating efforts and pooling resources. 

Created in 2002, ELSA Platform is a pool of French NGOs involved in the fight against AIDS in Africa. In 2016, the members of the ELSA Platform are: the French Movement for Family Planning, Sidaction, SIS Association, Solidarité Sida and Solthis. Their respective partners in Africa form ELSA partners’ network.
ELSA facilitates the sharing of information and experience between French actors (North-North co-operation), but also between French and African actors (North-South and South-North co-operation), and between African actors (South-South co-operation). In this way, the Platform is based on sharing the experiences and the expertise of member and partner associations, and helps them capitalizing good practices experienced by civil society.

  • A unique co-operation framework between AIDS fighting associations in France and Africa
  • An on-line resource centre in French open to all actors of the fight against AIDS in Africa
  • Capacity building opportunities for the French and African associations

The francophone resource centre is a free opportunity of online technical support:

  • With the essential available knowledge in the different fields of the fight against AIDS in Africa,
  • Allowing everyone to share their own resources,
  • Promoting community-based expertise,
  • Based on experience pooling and sharing.